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Lawyers & Associates

The corepillar of the company, based on 40 years of professional experience and mutual trust among its partners, is the positive atmosphere, the cohesion and the collaborative spirit of its partners.
For years, we’ve been employing a set body of lawyers, secretarial staff and,- support technicians, which allows us to have an excellent working environment defined by cooperation and professional solidarity.
 The goals of the professional development and welfare of our partners coincides with the company's vision, and this is reflected in our excellent customer service.
Attorneys-at-law have many years of experience in the field of advocacy and counseling, know their subject matter deeply and denote a high level of expertise, thus communicating with the client perfectly.
Our human resources are continuously enriched with new, competent, trained and ambitious executives who are  progressively integrating to the team, contributing substantially to the company’s goals and enhancing further the quality of our services.
After years of proven and highly successful partnerships, in a range of national legal fields, we are privileged to employ a wide network of collaborating lawyers and bailiffs throughout Greece, thus having the opportunity to offer our services anywhereand at anytime providing our customers with an ideal service.
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