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Civil Law


Our subject matter are civil-law cases, such as for example, disputes in contractual, right in rem (or property), family and inheritance law, as well as lease-related disputes. Our experience guarantees the best result both at the counseling level and at the level of judicial resolution of the disputes before the Courts. We are placing considerable emphasisand exhibit the appropriatediligencein the extra-judicial  settlements, a  particularly critical stage as the quality of its handling  is directly linked to the potential benefit of the  customer(saving time and cost).

Ν. 3869/2010
(law "Katseli")


In order to cover and manage this law in force since August 2010, our Company has set up a specially staffed unit consisting of experienced scientific associates and appropriate management personnel to cope with the necessary diligence, management of the relevant cases, both on behalf of natural persons wishing to claim protection and on the part of creditors who are seeking the corresponding treatment of their arrears.Our cognitive level in these legal provisions, as amended, is excellent, with the regular participation of our associates in numerous relevant scientific conferences and workshops and the close monitoring and formulation of the rich jurisprudence, while the extensive network of experienced, collaborating lawyers throughout Greece, in every county of the country, under our coordination and supervision, ensures maximum efficientand timely management.

Commercial Law


In this particularly important and motivating sector of the domestic economy, we undertake assemblies and transformation of legal entities - companies, court settlement of disputes arising from securities law (checks, bills of exchange, promissory notes), as well as critical and sensitive bankruptcy law (complete and up-to-date control of bankruptcy in the Courts of all Greek territory, defense of property rights against the poor, announcement and verification of claims, active participation and monitoring of the bankruptcy proceedings, submission of objections against third party claims, communication with the bankruptcy administrator and the bankruptcy Rapporteur).

Management of claims


Our specialized subject matteris the efficient management of overdue debts and the collection of receivables, a critical and sensitive sector, especially in our days. The primary concern is the respect of the commercial and professional reputation of the client and the personality of the debtor and, the second concern is the shorter and least costly definitive settlement of the economic dispute, primarily in the light of bilateral arrangements (arrangements, settlements, reforms) through forced recovery, within the complex legislative framework (the award of all kinds of claims, the use of statutory interim measures, important provisions enforcement, asset tracking).

Criminal Law


Our scope of work is criminal law throughout its spectrum.

With 40 years of experience in court practice, with experienced and qualified lawyers in criminal law, we undertake the legal defense and support of our clients at all stages of criminal proceedings (preliminary investigation, main investigation) before the Criminal Courts and Judicial Councils, as well as the civil action within criminal proceedings , where offenses have been committed against them (filing of criminal charges, close monitoring of criminal prosecution, representation of civil action).

Motor vehicle accident


Our law firm is addressing the modern scourge of traffic accidents, based on its rich 35-year experience, as a partner of our law firm has acted for decades as a legal representative of one of the largest domestic insurance companies, and has also been for many yearsa collaborating lawyer for the Auxiliary Fund. Our impressive results in claiming damages from motor vehicle accidents, the immediacy and diligence we have in our cases, our experience in out-of-court communications with insurance companies guarantees the protection of our client's rights and proper guidance to any Greek court.

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